About Us

JMD Electricals is the leading Manufacturers of Luminaries with brand name “Press Lite” Since Last 15 Years

As one of the Nation’s most well known and well loved brand Press Lite is a part of practically every Indians Life.

PRESS LITE lightning products find use in virtually every aspect of and individuals daily life 24x7 at home, at work, on the move and at rest.

PRESS LITE lightning stands as a source of easy to use trendy and innovative nationally acclaimed lightning products with superior design and technology that enhance the quality of consumers , professionals and personal lives.

PRESS LITE lightning provide advanced energy, efficient solutions for all segments : Streets, Offices, Industries, General Purpose and Residential.

PRESS LITE luminaries focus on energy savings, resulting in more value to our customers, understanding our customer’s needs and willingness to customize products for them.

“ Delivering on our Promise”

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